Tell her that you know what she did, and go over the list you have created, so you can fully express how her actions damaged you and your friendship. The female's urine is loaded with pheromones which calm the male, so he doesn't get aggressive, and puts him in mating mood. They were placed in a cage suspended beneath the balloon and after eight minutes ended up landing about two miles from where they took off—but all were alive and well. While we might think of it as an innovative way to get laid, it was a very traditional person who invented speed dating. ", Speaking of Germans, when they want to casually refer to a typical guy, they don't call him an Average Joe, but "Otto Normalverbraucher," meaning "Otto normal consumer.". What is your most embarrassing memory? Funny bits and scenes about the gang revealing each other's secrets!I am still looking for missing scenes that contain these funny bits. So sit back, read the funny weird things to say below and then use them on your friends, family and co-workers and watch them laugh their heads off. So, the cure, popularized by French physician Pierre Briquet, was, logically, the la titillation du clitoris. Share. We know the googly-eyed blue cookie fan simply as "cookie monster" but that's not actually his real name. Fake friends will tell your secrets to others because they don’t really care about you. If you're ever caught in a vampiric apocalypse, don't reach for the garlic. Why do we have royalty in a deck of cards such as the king and queen and then along comes the joker? If you wish to pursue reconciliation, let your friend know she needs to rebuild trust, which will take a long time. I don’t need a psychiatrist to prod into my personal life and make me tell them all my secrets, I have my friends for that. Consuming spices has been found to help cut down on how much fat you take in. The pioneers of hot-air balloon travel were not brave men but a rooster, sheep, and a duck that were sent up in the innovative contraption invented by brothers Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier at the end of the 1700s. Share. While there are definitely plenty of things you should keep from your partner—especially if you're not a fan of his or her family—there are definitely plenty of things you'd be better off always telling them. You've probably made this resolution once or twice. First, you might want to make sure it's a crush that lasts longer than a week so you get to know the guy. By Brian Gates ... 54 People On Why They Never Talk To Their Former Best Friend Anymore ... 48 People Share The Darkest, Most Mind-Blowing Secret They Know About Someone But Can Never Tell, Until Now. I have always kept your secrets and I will always keep them locked away. To avoid hating the guy more, try to stay away from your friend when she’s with him. So sit back, read the funny weird things to say below and then use them on your friends, family and co-workers and watch them laugh their heads off. At the same time, make sure to remain her loyal confidante. To help reduce the danger of this bacteria (which kills 260 Americans annually), scientists urge that processed meats be heated to at least 165 degrees before eating them. In the mid-1800s, women who could not reach orgasm through vaginal intercourse were considered "hysterical." They range from funny text jokes, funny messages to cheer our friends up, and funny messages to send a girl among others. Go into a pet store and ask them if they have sloths for sale. If you say a prayer in church what do you say in the bathroom? Meet with the friend who told your secret. The world is a crazy, sometimes hilarious place. When he died in 2016 at the age of 93, his ashes were placed in one of his pots and buried next to his late wife. What does the 19 mean in Covid? Need some funny random things to say to crack up your friends? I’m going to get my toe nail pierced this weekend. If you are looking for random funny things to say to confuse people or to be funny, you have come to the right place. What do you do when you find the needle in the haystack?

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