How to change the wrong connection. Related Links. Pull the handle from the kitchen faucet. One of my Grohe wireless showers also displays Service 13 from time to time. They can be … Blue® handle flashes red, E1 in the display • Safety shut-off of pump - Open shut-off valves - Disconnect mains supply, wait 30 seconds and reconnect No filtered water, E2 in the display • Exceeding the drawing time - Close Blue® handle No filtered water, E3 in the display • No connection between faucet and cooler/carbonator The filter is located in the inside unit usually under the door or on the very top. How to replace the CO2 bottle of your GROHE Blue® system. Fact Check: “JFK Jr. Is Still Alive" and Other Unfounded Conspiracy Theories About the Late President’s Son Restarting it after a wait, I can turn the temperature all the way down to "LO" yet still the shower is warm. Many units will give an E1 code to remind a home owner to clean the filter. The GROHE Blue Professional is designed for large groups of users. The shower becomes scalding hot, then shuts off (for safety reasons, I imagine) displaying "Service 13". GROHE Blue Home is the solution for the home and non-commercial use. Disconnect the electrical connection between the kitchen faucet and the electronic unit. [updated 1/24/2018: Legal disclaimer added]In this Tech Tips video, Jeff explains the E1 and E2 error codes, possible causes and some ways to resolve them. Reset the Control Panel: Like a computer's memory chip or a DSL modem, an air conditioner control panel gets corrupted by continuous use and has to be reset.For GE models, as well as others, all you have to do is unplug the unit, leave it unplugged for at least 1 minute, and plug it back in. E1: Refrigerant system high pressure protection E2: Anti-freezing protection E4: Compressor exhaust high temperature protection E5: AC over-current protection E6: Communication failure between indoor unit and outdoor unit E8: Anti-high temperature protection H6: No feedback of indoor fan motor … GROHE Blue® - Wrong connection LED in the handle is green. GROHE Blue Professional is the business solution, but can also be used at home. GROHE Blue® kitchen faucet offers still, medium or full sparkling and chilled water directly from your kitchen tap. Connecting of the blue drinking water hose to the filter head, locking with the red clamp Screwing of the filter into the filterhead Open corner valves, connect the 230V power cable to the plug socket (afterwards the chiller will automatically fill with water) Inspiration. GROHE Blue Installation; GROHE Blue - Replacement of the filter; Installation Videos . DuctlessAire Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump System Troubleshooting Error code E1 - Indoor / Outdoor Units Communication Error The fault code is deduced from the number of times the green LED flashes, blocking unit operation. The difference lies in the systems’ capacities.

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