Project management

The division "Project Management" is the key element to guaranty the success of projects going on.

To reach his goals and assume the equilibrium Quality, Price, Delay to the customer, the division "Project Management" is in charge of:

  • definition of financial operations to gather the capital necessary for the realization of the project,
  • definition of the budget with a dynamic follow up and a monthly reevaluation based on last known elements,
  • definition of planning for studies and construction works with determination of required human resources to reach the goal at the lowest cost,
  • consultancy for projects,
  • feasibility study,
  • co-ordination and management of studies, constructions and start up of production units,
  • organization of shut down for maintenance.

Process selection

The division “Process Selection” has an important function to lead our projects to success. We are looking for the best process meeting our customer’s needs. If this one has already its own licenses, we make a technical and commercial analysis of the competition. Furthermore, the customer does not need to care to look for processes that are not critical to manufacture his product.

The division “Process Selection” is in charge of :


  • conception of process flow diagrams (PFD),
  • conception of P&ID,
  • conception of logic diagrams


  • gas flow metering unit (N2, O2, H2, natural gas),
  • increasing caustic soda concentration of flakes,
  • diesel-driven power plant,
  • increasing helium concentration in natural gas,
  • dehydration of organic material,
  • carbonization of organic material with heat recuperation,
  • meat treatment in slaughter-house,
  • brewery production technology,
  • treatment of coffee, rice and papain,
  • plastic processing,
  • water treatment with demineralization and reconstitution of a new mineralization to give the desired taste,
  • quality control of water and air,
  • bagging, bottling, packaging, palletization.


Special technologies

The division "Special technologies", the start point of each project, is in charge of the research of industrial location, building definition, bridges and tunnels implantation…

Main activities are : 

  • search of industrial location,
  • negotiation with Authorities,
  • field parceling and urbanization,
  • study of road infrastructure and draining,
  • heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cold room,
  • realization of clean rooms and rooms with controlled atmosphere,
  • lead work, sanitary equipment, draining,
  • fluid distribution (compressed air, nitrogen, oxygen, steam…),
  • energy consumption reduction,
  • new energies,
  • safety equipment,
  • lightning conductors,
  • transport technologies : lifts, goods lifts, rolling bridges, escalators, pneumatic installations, access gangway to boats …
  • central control units,
  • study of installation for solar energy, heat pump, …
  • bricks and tiles production,
  • design of electrical power plant,
  • design and co-ordination of seafront,
  • fire protection. 


The division "Building" is in charge of the realization and implantation of all types of industrial, administrative and public buildings.

Main activities are :

  • architectural project,
  • ground stability study,
  • basement definition and calculation,
  • definition and calculation of concrete, steel, wood structures,
  • prefabricated elements design,
  • load calculation,
  • study and realization of buildings like industrial warehouses, administrative buildings, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, sport halls,
  • building renovation,
  • works supervision.

Mechanic and tanks

The division "Mechanic and Tanks" is required to acquire all industrial equipment necessary to guaranty the good performance of customer's process.

Main activities are:

  • specification of all industrial machines like compressors, pumps, extruders, dryers, cooling towers, handling and storage systems
  • specification of ovens and boilers including all connected equipment like fuel tanks and flares,
  • specification and calculation of pressure vessels, heat exchangers following different standards
    • TEMA
    • ASME
    • CODAP
  • market inquiry,
  • equipment selection,
  • purchase and follow up of equipment with conformity certificate,
  • start-up technical assistance,
  • as built documents. 



The division software is in charge of automation and integrated regulation of production units.

Main activities are:

  • specification of data control systems adapted to customer's needs,
  • price inquiries, material evaluation, selection of best suitable systems, purchasing with orders follow up,
  • definition of control screen design,
  • system configuration,
  • cable approval tests,
  • approval tests of the system configuration,
  • technical assistance for start up. 

Electricity and instrumentation

The division "Electricity and Instrumentation" is in charge of the distribution, of electrical energy, automation of production units, process regulation and installation of measurement equipment.

Main activities are :

A. For electricity :

  • realization of schemas for electricity distribution,
  • specification for high voltage cells, transformers, control boxes for electrical engines…
  • realization of schemas and drawings of electrical panels,
  • realization of schemas and drawings for lightening,
  • realization of tracing diagrams,
  • market inquiries, selection and purchase,
  • specification for erection including type and quantity of elements,
  • field supervision,
  • commissioning. 

B. For instrumentation :

  • specification of instruments,
  • price inquiries and selection,
  • purchase with follow up of orders,
  • definition of schemas block,
  • realization of drawings for distribution cables,
  • realization of drawings for connections at junction boxes and dividers,
  • realization of drawings of cables in electrical boxes,
  • redaction and updating of the instruments list,
  • realization of instrumental loops for process control and future maintenance,
  • realization of drawings of the central control room,
  • erection specification including type and quantity of elements,
  • field supervision,
  • commissioning,
  • start up assistance,
  • update of as-built drawings and schemas. 


The piping division is in charge of:

  • making the drawings of the global production unit, the connection between machines, tanks and reactors,
  • distribution of required fluids.

Main activities are :

  • realization of implantation drawings,
  • realization of global unit drawings,
  • realization of piping layout drawings,
  • specification of piping and fittings,
  • realization of isometrics for computing and construction,
  • study of pipes carriers,
  • stress calculation,
  • erection specification including type and quantity of elements,
  • price inquiry,
  • purchase of raw material,
  • subcontracting of construction,
  • field supervision,
  • commissioning,
  • update of as built drawings. 

Risk analysis

The analysis of risks consists of a systematic and permanent identification and an analysis of the presence of danger and risk factors in processes and working situations in a firm, on a construction site or in an institution.

Main activities are:

  • Process safety analysis for the petrochemical and chemical industries, oil and gas plants, refineries and pharmacy.
  • Risk identification and evaluation methods including :
    • HAZOP (HAZard OPerability)
    • LOPA (Layer Of Protection Analysis)
    • What If ?
    • Risk graphs and matrices
    • planop (A method of the Belgian Federal Authority for performing loss of containment analyses)
  • Implementation of IEC 61508 & IEC 61511
    • Lifecycle certification and audits
    • Re-instrumentation projects
    • SIL calculations (Security Integrity Level)
    • On-site training