MEINGUET Christian
Managing Director

Avenue DELLEUR, 17
1170 - Brussels

Telephone: +32(0)26630130
Fax: +32(0)26630139

When he was 22 year old, Christian got the certificate of Polytechnical Engineer with high honor. Immediately after his studies, Christian worked for the MERCANTILE-BELIARD Company where he was in charge of the design of piping of nuclear power plants and petrochemical plants.

Five years later, Christian increased his technical knowledge by working in the Central Lab of the SOLVAY Company, an important Belgian chemical Company, where he was in charge of developing calendering, extrusion and coating process of plastic sheets and films.

Based on his accumulated experience, Christian became 5 years later Manager of the Research, Development and Production Control Department of a SOLVAY’s calendering plant located in OUDENARDE manufacturing

- sheets for roofing, swimming pool and civil engineering

- films for adhesivation and screenprinting.

Being confidant with technical application, Christian, who wanted to be more involved in business, joined the LBG concern and became Director of many companies where he is more specifically in charge of budget managing, cost control, financial analysis, fraud detection, site supervision, social legislation in a multinational environment, juridical supervision…