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When he was 22, Francis MEINGUET obtained the certificate of Polytechnical Engineer with high honor and a complementary certificate in automation and regulation. Afterwards he preferred to make a 2-year co-operation in Algeria instead of making his compulsory service.

Back to Europe, he extended his practical and theoretical knowledge by working 5 years at the COPPEE RUST Company, one of the most important Belgian engineering office.

Strong with the accumulated experience, he went to Africa where he created with success many companies and became also manager of many other companies as an aeronautical company (VIC AIR CARGO), 4 stars hotel (HOTEL RESIDENCE at BUKAVU and PARK HOTEL at LUMUMBASCHI), Building Company (SOGECA) …

When his children started to go to school, he decided to come back in Belgium where he went further in the activity that has brought him so many success and satisfaction : companies management.

In 1986, he created his first company in Europe and after 12 years of developing market and buying small caps, he is now in charge of a multinational concern.

Francis is now making business in France, Great Britain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Philippine, Congo, Rwanda, Algeria and Liberia.