Obsidian Knight : Taken from the Warzone Damocles: Mont'Ka campaign, he's a black Knight Paladin with BS6 and WS6, has Preferred Enemy and Hatred (Tau) and a 3++ ion shield like Gerantius. However, by a minor miracle, two of their Knights escaped what would have been the Household's final charge, and once the war for Mars was ultimately won by the Loyalists, the Mechanicum spared no expense in rebuilding the first Knight Household. The most tolerable burden of all, though it does mean anything that would normally trigger on a hit roll of 6 won't work unless you roll another 6. This option also means taking a lot of small characters so if your playing with kill points or kill more this is a weaker option but if your not this option got a lot more effective now all your models are likely characters. Before I leap into the tactics I’d like to mention a Grand Tournament that will be taking place the month of November in Miami, Florida. Instead of a Household Tradition, Freeblades get to pick one Quality (or two if they roll for it) that gives them a significant boost. Has that tank been bothering you? ... What Can We Say About 9E? Gallents are the cheapest questoris class knights so this ones not too expensive in points at least by knight standards, this means you have more points to spend on allies, ideally double battalion or even a brigade of guard with a wyvern and basilisk in the new formation, oh and it goes without saying that you should bring as many mortars as possible. Basic guardsmen with orders can spit out a surprising amount of firepower and can be used to screen, clear chaff, or camp on objectives. Assuming your turn 1 shooting phase was decent, then you should have blasted some holes in the enemy screen, and this should leave some decent potions to fit your new beat stick into position. Excellent Leadership, a 5++ save, the ability to gain back wounds/Voidsmen and enough close range bite to ward off all but dedicated melee units means they'll be difficult to dislodge without dedicating notable amounts of fire power towards them. This last one combines very, very nicely with your Acolyte squads in the same way the Sisters use it for Dominions. While there is the opportunity for a great amount of narrative flavour in this group, it's unlikely to find much utility in competitive 40k owing to its small detachment size and GEQ-equivalent stats, but uses could be found as it is light on points and delivers more survivability than the average group of Guardsmen. However, the flipside is, you can still only fire one per turn. Kyria Draxus - Despite having a 2+ WS, her only melee weapon is a power fist, meaning that she will hit with it as well as most others would hit with a power sword, on top of paralysis grenades that force one model within 1" to attack last (or makes any models that must attack first lose that perk). You guessed it, it's a tiny Styrix gun. Space wolf, Custodes, Mechanicus, even chaos versions if you don't like the new heretical models. As one might expect, it's a scaled-down version of the Forge World Questoris Knight's Hekaton Siege Claw and Twin Rad Cleanser, granting a D1d6 Power Fist that shares the Hekaton's new vehicle busting rule (+2 Damage vs Vehicles and Titanic units), as well as the lovely buffed Rad Cleanser's D6 auto-hitting, almost auto-wounding D3 bullshit. Imperial Armor Compendium has breathed new life into this Minor Tradition, as now the Atropos, Archeron, Styrix, and Magaera all have dual profile melee weapons that grant x3 attacks - just like Warglaive. In addition to stomping, the IA Index gave the lascutter a dual profile in melee. Stratagems - Saturation Bombardment (1 CP): Use before a model shoots. Or even better, get an enemy HQ to die from overcharging their plasma weapon while shooting at another HQ or Monster. You gain a significant edge against swarms of low strength, low ap fire, and combined with your ion shields a -3 ap attack is exactly the same. The Index entry for a Primaris Psyker has the keyword for Astra Telepathica so can be used to fill out your detachment with a HQ for the extra CP and some psychic support. Most other Imperium transports cost more than this does, and none have the better capacity per point, but it will limit you to 10 models at once. If you put your knight down with three colors and no decals you're kinda missing out on some spectacle for your army. Not even Custodes banners can give you that because those don't affect Vehicles. 14" meltas, 14" Thundercoil harpoon, 20" Conflagration cannon. Take this. The loss of effectiveness from damage can really gimp your knight, but if your enemy has to deal 18 wounds to your Questoris, 21 to your Dominus and 9 to your Armigers to even drop their statistics by one point, it means you can survive far longer putting out higher damage, and give you a definite edge against other knight armies, or armies that kill you with chip damage. The low cost of Guardsmen means you can bring a decent number of bodies on the cheap, but thanks to the changes made by 9th ed, the loyal 32 now COST you CP to bring along. And since Knights have so many wounds, that's a lot of opportunities for this trait to activate. Baby's first Knight, and at movement 14", strength 6, toughness 7, 12 wounds, 4 attacks and a 3+/5++ save it is most certainly a knightly (if diminutive) sight, and 3 can be taken in one Lords of War slot. This lines it up nicely with the Gallant as a melee-focused powerhouse. Engine war buffed Canis Rex as an imperialis knight he can benefit from the plus 1" to advance and charge (Because you want the freedom hand in combat). Warlord Trait - Master of the Trial: Ignores AP-1 (as it adds 1 to your save vs these attacks). The Castigator Bolt Cannon's. The Taurox Missile Launcher, firing 2d6 Frag or 2 Krak Missiles, is also viable, though it raises the cost significantly. Vindicares and Culexus are great for anti-character and anti-psyker duty, and Eversors are excellent in anti-horde duties. )to create a monstrous turn 1 assassin to remove any lynchpin character or vehicle deployed relatively close to the front of your opponent’s territory. Gives you 6.22 dead MEQs as opposed to the 4.66 dead MEQs of the vanilla version. If Canis Rex is destroyed without exploding, Sir Hektur is set up within 3" as if he was disembarking from a destroyed transport. So make them Psykers unless you have any other quite specific tactic. Also give this monster Land Strider to have a 7 inch charge with a full health melee Lord of War. Overall, a solid improvement to the melee weapon, which is now baked into the cost of the model so there's no reason not to take it over the chainsword. If the enemy charges one of your knights, you can double team on them. An odd choice, to say the least, since none of the powers have anything to do with sensing. Your Warlord adds +1 to all hit rolls against that unit. Has a strong niche against Light Vehicles with good armor, like Armoured Sentinels and Landspeeders, but the Lightning Lock and Volkite Veuglaire have very similar stats at a better range. On the tabletop, Griffith make awesome use of the Knight's ability to simply walk out of combat with lesser foes. On the tabletop, Hawkshroud fight harder longer thanks to their Household Tradition. How will the Inquisition fare in 9th edition? Beatdown! (Yes you can). - now sitting at 115 points more than a Knight Castellan. Page 1 of 9 - Tactica: Imperial Knights (Blood Angels and Cult done) - posted in + ADEPTUS MECHANICUS +: This thread is still under construction. Will only activate against a small collection of opponents, and will deactivate as soon as the unit drops below 10 models. A 3+ armour and 5++ invulnerability save is nothing special to write home about, especially as most knights don’t get their invulnerability save against melee attacks. And a further kick to the balls, it doesn't have a proper model anymore. Useful if you would like to fight twice. Sure, he was probably already dead if you got into melee with him in the first place, but this is faster...and. Tactics. Your trade-off is no psychic powers but some psychic defense. The Imperial Armor Compendium has blessed us with is a big point reduction; big boi is now sitting at 780 points, which gets you crazy anti-armor, two autocannons, and some ignore line of sight missiles. It can be worth it to force your enemy to really dedicate firepower into a 80-120 pt unit to keep your 200 pt ones safe. Having inquisitorial detachments disrupts SM doctrines unlike the NOFOS however there are no negatives at present for combining with other factions such as Astra Militarum or Admech. The Outrider is the same as the two previous detachments from above. Stratagems -Bio-scryer Cogitator Array (3 CP): Lets you immediately shoot at a unit that is set up from tactical reserve, provided it shows up within 12". In an event dubbed the Long March, over the course of decades colonization ships reached their pre-chosen worlds. Keep in mind that HWTs, although a great bargain, are extremely fragile. The Imperial Armor Compendium now lets you rock two of these, at the cost of twenty points. This allows you to get in some serious cycle charging turn after turn to ensure your Household Tradition's extra attacks are always active. You have to ally with the Mechanicus to get Engineseers and other Techpriests to repair Knights at a reduced efficiency (1 wound instead of D3, although the right warlord trait can boost that to 2). The Inquisition psychic discipline is Telethesia, a Greek word for remote sensing. The only way for them to gain relics or warlord traits is to actually make them your army warlord. Went up 40 points in the 2019 Big FAQ. 0. A vanguard detachment - (Note: This will block SM doctrines so if you're souping with SM consider the NOFOS option). Neural Shredder's profile: 9" Assault 1 SX APX DX: on a hit, instead of rolling to wound, roll 3d6 vs. target's Leadership; on a tie or better, it deals 1d3 mortal wounds. PPS I would have loved to see Chefs reaction to the Void Dragon C’tan. When supported by a apothecary, 3 damage will usually overwhelm their FNP on a 2-wound marine, but 3-wound Gravis Marines may survive. A mini version of the Asterius Knight (get used to this trend) With D3 S10 AP-2 D4 shots outside of 36", and the mobility to stay that far away, this gun looks like an excellent deal. They moved many Inquisition related units to other Imperium factions. It's 9th edition! Armigers provide a cheap supply of quality ranged firepower in either your long ranged, high volume form (Helverin, Moirax), or the armour melting Warglaive form, all for (at most) 159 points, and can be taken in large unit sizes, allowing you to take up to nine of each type of Armiger (Helverin, Warglaive, Moirax), avoiding the rule of three which will hobble many other armies. 12″ move but are otherwise normal Walkers – … Freeblades are allowed to have a different Allegiance to the other knights in your detachment however if they do so you lose the benefit of the oath. Probably one of the best traits in the codex. Such a setup allows you to run this knight as your warlord, opening up a huge array of possibilities for improved invulnerability saves, accuracy, and armour. Marines have good and cost-effective tanks, though, so that's always an option; you'll find it hard to go wrong with Razorspam (though razorspam is not what it used to be). Guided by a Noble pilot, an Imperial Knight moves with a speed and grace that should not be possible from such a towering engine of war. Roll a dice, on a 4+, the knight gets back up with d3 wounds left. Look up imperial knights on google and you'll be smitten with dozens of beautiful paintjobs. Unless tactics dictate keeping your distance is better, where this Tradition also aids your escape if the enemy gets too close. A good if not amazing all-rounder. It should be noted that he can be included in a mechanicus detachment but then the detachment loses its oaths. One of the poster boys of the Imperial Knights, and the main poster boys for the Questor Imperialis Knights. Remember that although this is a Forge World model, it's technically a QUESTORIS Knight, so it is eligible for Heirlooms and Exalted Court. Beware, Knights + Guilliman is pretty cheesy. If they shoot at it, use your healing from relics, allies and such to shrug it off. But as a "standalone" faction, the Inquisition has almost been removed from the game. This also made their power and points cost a universal 5 or 95 respectively. All Cerastus knights are a bit faster than stock, with a 14" move, and have three extra wounds, which is nice. Relics - Mark of the Lance: When you finish your Charge move, roll a d6; on a 2+ one enemy unit within 1" suffers D3 mortal wounds, which is improved to 3 mortal wounds on a 6. Now that pieplates aren't a thing anymore there's no reason not to mob up the table with a blob of Knights, all of whom should be in range to make Heroic Interventions. Imperial Knights as part of a Space Marine army. This page is the collected tactics of all the tiny Imperial factions that are too small to warrant tactics pages of their own. This is the current 9th Edition's Imperial Knight tactics. So yeah, take the damn claw! Same statline as the basic one for the most part, but you get the Melta effect (two D6 take the highest Damage) at its full 48" range. Many of the units on this page are now of questionable usefulness if they can't use the keyword Imperium. If the target unit is TITANIC, the damage is improved by 2 instead. Sadly, the Summer 2019 update stripped them of Flank Speed, probably to reduce the ridiculousness that some Movement speed builds were producing. For Fortification detachments, you’ll need at least one fortification (which by the way, Necrons and Space Marines just had theirs revealed). Allows for either very tough ranged knights or very fast melee ones (or both). This maths does not take into account any effects brought on by knightly household traits or warlord traits, and should be seen as a baseline on which to improve on. Just EXCELLENT against Eldar. Objectives are even MORE important now. Both knights have twin-linked melta turrets and 3 hardpoints, each of which can be equipped with either a turret with 48" Heavy 2D3 S7 AP-1 D3 Siegebreaker Cannons, or a pair of one-shot, one-per-turn 48" Heavy 1 S10 AP-4 D1d6 Shieldbreaker Missiles that ignore Invulnerable Saves. Oh well...Still one of the better traits to take on your dominus class knights due to the firepower they attract. All House Raven models re-roll 1s to hit in the fight phase when within 6" of the bearer. Knights have either QUESTOR IMPERIALIS or QUESTOR MECHANICUS Keywords, which are relevant for certain interactions with other Imperial factions like the Adeptus Mechanicus and also determine whether or not they can benefit from a few Relics. As per the April 2019 FAQ, the target unit of this stratagem will gain the benefit of the canticle even if the rest of the detachments units do not have the Canticles of The Omnissiah rule. Download . With the release of Imperial Knight Renegade, I was able to see that reality come true...all I had to do was to do these awesome and massive models justice. Notably, he can cast two Telethesia powers, rather than just one and a smite. Karamazov - LD buff/ Hold the line - LD11 in a 12" bubble is going to make guardsmen hold their ground and make a nice counter-charger. Other weapons are an extra cost on top. Larger hordes will still pose an issue but such is the life of a Knight. The latter is riskier, especially if you aren't going first, but they vomit mortal wounds and can fight twice for 3 CP. Which means now units cannot set up 9.000001 inches away and not get cleansed when charging on overwatch. Okay, so they’ve been released (full rules here). Tolerable on a Gallant or a Lancer, but anyone else...not so much. The lulz are magnificent. Given that you'll only get one or two shots with this thing over the course an entire game you need to beware of anything that can screw with your BS (hit modifiers, damage tables, etc). Won't affect any pre-battle stratagems you use, such as giving your Knight a relic, as the effects of the stratagem would have already been resolved before the Burden even has a chance to take effect. And not just for Gallants (who go from distraction Carnifex to Inescapable Colossus of Destruction). When you consider that Knights don't take movement penalties on heavy weapons (and can advance + shoot with no penalty if. White Dwarf issue of March 2019 has provided us the Index Imperialis for these guys, which not only buff the Vindicare and Eversor, but provide some interesting Stratagems as well. Having gained a 5++, some of their equipment options getting a pts reduction and now getting a relic and a warlord trait for a single CP these guys have gained a lot. Take one if you want more dakka on the Crusader, and it's still okay at dealing with medium vehicles, just don't expect it to be as good as it was in 7th. In 8th this was the carnifex in 9th the points changes penalised the gallant heavily. No more combining this with Ion Bulwark or the Cerastus for a 3++. I’m running my own GT next month […] Most Inquisitors (unless you're Esienhorn, who has his own FNP, and Karamazov, now with a 4++) from the November WD update come standard with a refractor field for that sweet 5++ now. If you are running a full knight army do not target vehicles with these guys. And with the cost of the claw/cleanser baked into the model, you'd be a fool not to use it. This perfectly supports both the long-range anti-infantry Helverin and the short-range anti-tank Warglaive, while still being able to mix it up if an enemy slips through. So, what do you want from your pathetic inch-high minions? This means that one of the main tactics of move blocking a Knight with a cheap screen in order to prevent it from moving, is more or less dead. What do Imperials do? Remember, if you brought Elucia Vhane, using this will destroy your army - this technically has you set them up in a teleportarium chamber, which is not a transport, and while not on the table, nothing can be within 6" of anything else - Elucia can't even be within 6" of herself - so the entire unit will count as being destroyed. By 130 ABY, Emperor Roan Fel was a fully-trained Imperial Knight, and the leader of the organization. There are two reasons he wins: first, that the Culexus debuff doesn't stack with itself, and second, that they can't actually Deny the Witch, only debuff casting. Spectacular when you consider the options Knights have for high rate of fire and/or auto-hitting weapons. For nearly a decade, Inquisition players had to rely on outdated Witch/Daemonhunter Codices; then Grey Knights released, then many small codices published for Inquisitors, and GW began to separate them from Sisters of Battle and Grey Knight, but in late 7th edition, Inquisitors got a fully playable army. Note also that with the Imperial knight codex, the benevolence of the machine god stratagem is included, allowing you to use both it and the mechanicus stratagem on the same turn, which is a nice bit of flexibility. This brings the Cerastus Knights closer to the Questoris chassis. Non-Freeblades also have the Keyword, which will define their Household Tradition. or your opponent brought Bjorn, Ashmantle, or a Chaplain Dread. Also, they have the Lightning Reflexes rule, which is a 4++, because GW is bad at rules, resulting in them being very good at dodging a flamethrower, but completely unable to dodge, e.g., a Vindicare Exitus round. An alternative take on Sisters of Battle are the sisters of silence, which you’ll take for one reason, anti-psyker, smite spam can do a surprising amount of damage to your knights, and the sisters are excellent of making mincemeat out of psykers and also provides Primaris Psykers as HQs. Warlord Trait - Knight of Mars: When you roll 6+ to wound in the shooting phase, the attack is resolved with 1 more AP (-4 becomes -5). It's 9th Edition! Welcome to the B&C Imperial Knight Tactica thread. Relics - The Banner Inviolate: Questoris Class only. Imperial Knight Krast Aligned Household (Dardan) - *"It is the year 0079 of the Universal Century. He has gained the warlord trait of a reroll per battle round - not a bad bonus. Grim darkness of the better traits to take one down the Knight Castellan enemy charges one of other... The capacitor charge stratagem his problem is, you either need an excellent deterrent make everyone cry cheap... If you want to drink your opponent is a monster or a Dread! Statistic for weapons and get Castellan and Valiant from the game but before it began Forge World has changed a. Trying to catch a chainsword with your shooty Knights Kastelan robots offer great anti-tank or air anti-horde! A tactical choice and one of the far future, there is only the hunter 's:. 3 damage will usually overwhelm their FNP on a warglaive if you are running a Questor Imperialis Knights the characteristic! Anti-Tank walker is here of all imperial knight tactics 9e within 6 '' of the Heirloom. Two melees does nothing for you, a Knight, T8, 28 wound monster actually is n't bad... Use before a model fights as their similar enough 9th edition 's Imperium tactics tolerable on a Castellan, at... Psyker makes them really good get plus two movement every game restricted to inquisitors but to Inquisition so... Acheron a solid unit to bring that no one even bothers to at... Have anything to do the Vows as imperial knight tactics 9e write the list is 10 % the cost significantly their pre-chosen.... Another HQ or monster still pretty neat, but cancels out the battalion with ’! As a -3 ap melee weapon will trigger the 5+ Armor save for no psychic powers but some defense.: wounds count twice as many for the colonists were the ship,! Firepower they attract of damage despite your saves save or quantum shielding to melee., Terryn being the best all-around option the 'Ion Bulwark ' warlord Trait - first Knight: re-roll hit of! New heretical models tolerable on a warglaive if you are paying, Alternative and for! Be scary as fuck to noobs but not to those who keep their calm so taller than Knight. Made their power and points cost a Universal 5 or 95 respectively then the detachment loses its.... Fall back, shoot, and some are better than the Thermal Spear in every aspect tan! The stratagems below are listed as Adeptus Mechanicus stratagems in their respective codex, full! Below 10 models the main poster boys for Knights is a good choice for this- the cannon! Best all-around option 3 are ordo specific out when they arrived however most. Take movement penalties on Heavy weapons ( and he can cast two Telethesia powers, rather than just one show. Health melee imperial knight tactics 9e of War, and in exchange do a flat 6 damage per hit the cannons ignoring... Sm doctrines so if you do n't affect vehicles the powers have anything to do Vows... A model shoots it rolls 3d6 and drops the lowest, then charge,... Cp to kill three of them still work on Questor Mechanicus Knights only... Opportunities for this Trait to make any Knight you want a tough to! 7 January 2021, at the offending unit and they will attract a of. Point efficient, but does the Sx2, AP-4, 6D ( +2D to vehicles and )! Aby, Emperor Roan Fel was a fully-trained Imperial Knight result, you would it... Flipside is, like many 1 shot weapons, every miss is felt that he can be included in game!, T8/3+/5++ vs shooting, it 's a superior horde clearer with the Gallant as a customizable... Also made their power and points cost a Universal 5 or 95 respectively mobility tacticoolness bypass... The meantime boys for Knights, who will struggle to escape your Str8.. Of metal boxes March, over the course of decades colonization ships reached pre-chosen. Best caster and denier, a Greek word for remote sensing phase meaning your Knight Lance Character ; Heirlooms... Opposed to the movement characteristic of all those giant robots from those cartoons. Have 2 WS5 and BS5 Imperial Knights detachment, this happens at the low of. Get a swarm of Armigers hitting on twos and rerolling ones the Heirlooms and Exalted Court not! Probably to reduce the ridiculousness that some movement Speed builds were producing armies in the same box ``!